Skilled seafarers ashore survey revealed

May 10 2019

Spinnaker Global’s HR Consulting and Nautilus International are conducting a survey to assess the shore-based demand for skilled seafarers.

This survey was last conducted in 2015, following years of feedback, which showed that as an industry, maritime struggles to spot talent and develop leadership.

Feedback received so far this year revealed:

• People are coming ashore sooner (after less than 10 years at sea), typically to spend more time with family and progress their career;

• However, 75% of respondents said their company does not identify, train or develop seagoing staff ahead of bringing them ashore;

• Nearly 60% don’t believe the industry is succeeding in recruiting strong management capability into shore-based roles;

• Over 50% of shore-based respondents believe seafaring experience is necessary for their role – typically those in fleet management, operations and superintendent positions.


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