Speedcast completes infrastructure upgrades

Dec 01 2017

Speedcast has finalised upgrades to its global network in coverage and ground infrastructure.

Achieved by investments in Ku-band infrastructure and merging of network assets from previous acquisitions, Speedcast's new Ku-band network provides vessels and offshore assets access to the largest global system of satellites available, the company claimed, combining wide beam satellites for coverage and narrower higher throughput beams for better efficiency and bigger bandwidth.


The enhanced redundancy of multiple satellites covering key maritime and offshore regions ensures service delivery to customers is of the highest quality to meet demanding bandwidth and reliability requirements anywhere in the world, Speedcast said.


With over 25 satellites and many more beams gives increased bandwidth, which allows customers to significantly upgrade their dedicated or shared bandwidth on a short-term basis. This flexibility allows customers to meet their dynamic business needs and the redundancy of beams guarantees the user experience is consistent globally, the company said.


Speedcast's cyber security and firewall infrastructure has also been upgraded to offer one of the most secure services through consistent testing and compliance requirement checks.


Customers are able to block access to specified websites while on board and prevent unauthorised access to business networks across entire fleets.


Speedcast claimed to be the first satellite provider to obtain the cyber security certification from the Global VSAT Forum and performs regular testing, ensuring the security and full compliance of its global network.


"I am proud to see Speedcast deliver this industry-leading network to our customers in maritime and energy," said Speedcast CEO, PJ Beylier. "We have worked diligently to merge the infrastructures from our previously acquired companies and make the necessary improvements to supply our customers with one truly global network providing seamless, secure connectivity for any requirement. Customers can now enjoy the largest and most redundant single network available today, one that is ready to scale with their businesses."


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