Washing tanks with water to be discussed

Jan 11 2019

Can water-washing techniques reduce the need for physical tank inspections in the chemical tanker sector? Can tanks be designed which are easier to clean? What impact are new technologies such as drones having on tank inspections?

Every year DOW Chemicals commissions around 6,000 physical tank inspections on board vessels, but by 2025 it wants to see an end to this practice.

This is part of DOW's wider 2025 Sustainability Goals and designed to remove workers from higher-hazard activities.

At this year's IPTA/Navigate Chemical & Product Tanker Conference (London 5th-6th March), Lance Nunez, North American Bulk Marine Operations Leader at DOW Chemicals, will be discussing how a water-washing process on stainless steel tanks enables tank cleanliness certificates to be issued without the need for a tank entry.

Put simply, it's a technique which involves testing washing water effluent during tank cleaning. When the washing water effluent no longer contains significant traces of the previous cargo, tank cleaning can be stopped. It's a process which its advocates say can be faster and much less energy-intensive.

Lance Nunez will be joined by Guy Johnson of L&I Maritime, a pioneer of the process. 


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