We4Sea joins Green Award

Nov 10 2017

We4Sea, a company focused on increasing ships’ fuel efficiency, has joined the Green Award Foundation as an Incentive Provider.

We4Sea will reward Green Award certified ships with a discount of 20%. This applies to a range of products and services for seagoing ships, it said.

The company runs a cloud platform that offers solutions to optimise ships’ performance and reduce their fuel consumption and emissions. Vast amounts of operational data are collected from a ship, such as position, speed, heading and engine data. This data is sent to shore, where it is added to other data sources, such as weather conditions, wave heights, currents and wind. 

Using Digital Twin technology, the proprietary algorithms and energy models of We4Sea transform this big data pool into actionable management information on how to optimise the use and configuration of a ship.

In pilot projects, We4Sea has proved that using data analysis can substantially cut fuel costs, up to 20%. Using the technology is easy, as it requires no additional hardware on board of the ship and monitoring can start without a port visit, the company claimed.

The discounts will be valid on all We4Sea monitoring modules, including EU-MRV monitoring and reporting. In addition, We4Sea offers a free-of-charge trial for a two-month monitoring period for all Green Award certified ships, for up to two ships per certificate holder.

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