Calibration gas shipped within 24 hours

Jun 30 2017

Martek Marine is offering what it claims is a fresh approach to calibration gas supply for the maritime industry.

Around 98% of the company’s FastCalGas orders are shipped within 24 hours, thanks to a lean order processing, married with an extensive and robust global supply chain.

Customers can purchase gas quickly and easily online, anytime, anywhere in world and with all the hazardous cargo paperwork taken care of, there is no complicated exchange of communications. Martek claimed to be the only calibration gas supplier offering this service.

 A one-stop-shop when it comes to procuring calibration/span and quad gas, FastCalGas is a fully managed service. Martek knows when a customer’s gas is about to run out and will send out an alert to the customer in good time. This ensures that a vessel’s calibration gas stocks for portable and fixed gas detectors never run dry. By using the high-quality materials, Martek claims a 27-month shelf life on gases, the highest in the industry.

Strategically placed and expanding gas stocks are held globally, in Sheffield in the UK, Rotterdam, Fujairah, Shanghai, Houston & Tampa and in Singapore.

“Unlike many gas companies, we’re fully immersed in the marine industry, so we know the challenges related to working on and around ships,” said Paul Luen, Martek Group, CEO. “Until the FastCalGas service was launched, it was the norm to have to chase quotes, to be charged inflated prices and be faced with an administrative nightmare every time you needed to buy calibration gas.

“In contrast, our customers can buy gas online and we complete the necessary hazardous cargo paperwork on their behalf. Customers have their gas shipped within 24 hours, safe in the knowledge that thanks to our global gas hubs, they are paying a highly competitive price. This, teamed with unrivalled customer support, means we’re offering a radically different approach to calibration gas supply,” he claimed.   

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