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Aug 09 2013

For strategic business development reasons, Maritime Payment Solutions recently discontinued using the CrewCash brand and are promoting the programme under a single brand – ShipMoney.

The company is now offering ShipMoney for crew and ShipMoney for Masters.

It is the same programme, with the same functionality, features and benefits except promoted as one brand- ShipMoney - instead of two (see Tanker Operator June/July issue, Page 11).

ShipMoney Transfer Service will be going live within the next two to three months as Visa certification for the service is received.  This service greatly expands the ability and flexibility for crew members to send money to family and friends while at sea. 

This service will enable crew members to send money from their ShipMoney card to almost any Visa debit, or credit card in the world.

Transfers can be initiated from the ShipMoney cardholder login, or a mobile application.  They can be sent in most currencies with the same preferential exchange rates offered by Visa.   And they settle in near real-time. 

While the transaction fees have not been finalised, the company said that it will set them at very competitive rates.

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