Maran Tankers signs up to STS learning tools

Feb 10 2017

Maran Tankers Management has signed a three year contract with DYNAMARINe.

MTM will take up STS Drills, STS STATUS and e-learning internal training and assessment tools associated with the satellite options of

All three satellite services have been combined in a set, which will cover MTM’s requirements on STS internal training and assessment until 2020.

STS Drills delivers real time case study topics between vessels and DYNAMARINe. It enhances, the level of preparedness and the perception of hazards from senior officers involved in the planning, decision making and successful execution of an STS operation.

STS STATUS is a certificate that describes the level of vessel compliance with IMO regulations and industry best practices for ship to ship transfer operations. It is a gap analysis survey that includes information on the following:

  • Condition on vessels gear.
  • Adopted policies and procedures.
  • Crew training & preparedness.

The e-learning course provides information related to due diligence issues and best practices that will assist all participants in mitigating the risks encountered, while protecting their shipowners’ interests.


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