Mewis Duct reaches milestone

Jun 05 2015

At this week’s Nor-Shipping exhibition, Becker Marine Services (BMS) showed off its 1,000th Mewis Duct.

BMS claimed that the use of all the previously delivered ducts had already lowered CO2 emissions by more than 1.4 mill tonnes.

Following Nor-Shipping, the 1,000th Mewis Duct will be fitted on a 22,000 cu m LPG carrier newbuilding.

The Hamburg-based company also introduced a completely grease-free rudder operation by means of a heavy duty polymer bearing system.

In addition, BMS said that the company had received 50 orders for the Becker Intelligent Monitoring System (BIMS).

In addition to this rudder force measuring system, BMS has developed a new system for the electronic monitoring of heat bearing play.

The Becker Bearing Monitoring System’s (BBMS) automatic measurement of bearing wear obviates the need for annual dive inspections that were significantly more complicated in both technical and financial terms, the company said.

As for its LNG cruise ship fuel barge ‘Hummel’, BMS said that in future, it would like to introduce this technology into the tanker sector.

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