Minerva selects RINA as MRV verifier

Jul 21 2017

According to reports from Greece, Minerva Marine has chosen RINA Hellas as its verifier for the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of CO2 emissions, as per EU Regulation 2015/757, for its total fleet of 65 vessels under management.

“Minerva Marine pursues environmental and energy efficiency excellence with the aim of protecting the environment and ensuring pollution-free, environmental friendly and energy efficient operations. In this respect, having in place a comprehensive and accurate plan for monitoring the emissions from our fleet vessels was a fundamental principle for complying with the MRV Regulation and working with RINA Hellas has assisted us in accomplishing this goal,reportedly said Maria Sotiriou, Minerva’s Head of Environmental Compliance.

Sokratis Dimakopoulos, Minerva Marine COO, added “Meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental and energy efficiency regulatory and industry requirements is a key policy for our company and RINA has been selected as one of the world’s expert providers for verification and assurance services to verify our compliance with the MRV requirements’ and thanked the RINA team for the specialist expertise provided in this work.

“Co-operating and offering our services to top level companies like Minerva Marine on such a task is very important for RINA. We have been accredited by ACCREDIAfor this activity and we are also a designated operational entity (DOE) accredited bythe UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) for the validation and verification of Clean Development Mechanism projects. RINA has all the credentials and the experience to assist the maritime industry in contributing to the global greenhouse gas emissions reduction,” said Spyros Zolotas, of RINA Hellas, said according to a report.  

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