Bogdanos to represent Hydrex Group

May 02 2014

Underwater hull coating concern Ecospeed and cavitation/corrosion experts Ecoshield, part of the Hydrex Group, have appointed Athens based N Bogdanos Marine Bureau as their Greek agent.

N Bogdanos was established in 1955 as the first technical office in Greece consisting of marine consultants plus surveyors and has more than three decades of experience representing a worldwide network of leading repair yards and marine equipment manufacturers. 
“We are very excited about the relationship we have established with Bogdanos Marine and are confident that this partnership will be able to contribute greatly to the Greek maritime industry,” said Boud van Rompay, CEO of Hydrex. “Bogdanos Marine has been in the marine business for many decades and has a strong customer base to showcase the features and benefits the Hydrex Group has to offer. The expansion of our agent network in all crucial areas where ships are owned and operated is taking place according to plan.”

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