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May 02 2014

DNV GL has introduced a new recommended practice for the training of dynamic positioning (DP) operators.

The new standard is based on the latest training and certification principles and defines the role that simulators can play in giving candidates better and more efficient training.
Given the differing duration and frequency of DP operations, the recommended practice (RP) does not define a universal seatime requirement expressed in days. Instead, learning goals are used to define the training experiences required. Simulator training can reduce sea time requirements by up to 50%.
“Dynamic positioning can be considered a high risk activity involving a team of people working together on high technology equipment. Realistic simulation, including time on full mission simulators, plays an important role in how they learn to deal with situations that rarely occur at sea,” said Aksel Nordholm, DNV GL’s manager for simulator certification. “As long as all operational aspects are included in the training, such as communication and cooperation with others, simulators enhance competence and reduce training time.”
Major players in the offshore industry, which includes FPSOs/FSOs and shuttle tanker operators, collaborated on the development of the new RP which covers: competence development, seatime/on board competence building, competence assessment, certification and re-certification.
“Teekay is very satisfied with the great work carried out by DNV GL and their partners to finally launch the new certification scheme for dynamic position competence,” said Torbjørg Undem, head of marine human resources at Teekay Shipping Norway. “Teekay greatly welcomes this certification scheme which we strongly believe will both enhance the quality and competence of DP personnel and also facilitate a better flow of new competence to the market. 
“DP competence is needed today, and the need for qualified personnel is expected to grow significantly. With this robust scheme provided by DNV GL, we are optimistic that the entire industry will benefit in the years to come,”he said.
Stig Wiggen, CEO, Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre, Trondheim, Norway added: “The new recommended practice on DP operator certification from DNV GL is a giant leap forward with regards to quality in all aspects of DPO certification, and is the first real proof of competence for DP operators.”
The RP provides guidance to flag states and other parties wanting to establish an independently validated certification scheme. It refers to existing DNV GL standards and certification activities and provides detailed input for training centres and test centres.
The combination of the RP and related DNV GL standards helps flag states meet anticipated STCW DP operator requirements currently covered in Part B (guidance) but expected to be moved to Part A (mandatory) in the near future.
The conclusion from Mark Pointon at IDPOA, The International Dynamic Positioning Operators Association welcomes the publication of this RP by saying: “We hope that it will be adopted as the universal mechanism that ensures a consistent standard of DP certification globally for DP operators."
*DNV GL has also opened a new South China office in Guangzhou to support business growth in the area.
Located in downtown Guangzhou, the DNV GL office services as a centre for the company’s operations in South China. Headed by area manager Gu Xiaoli, DNV GL South China covers the provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi and Hainan.
“South China is one of the three national shipbuilding bases laid out by the Chinese government. The launch of DNV GL’s expanded new office shows our stronger commitment to the market after the merger of DNV and GL,” said DNV GL’s vice president and regional manager for Greater China, Torgeir Sterri.
Looking ahead, Sterri said, “2014 marks year one of DNV GL as a merged company and 150th anniversary of our proud heritage. We expect to further deepen and expand the co-operation in new areas such as LNG carriers, Arctic shipping, offshore units, etc.”

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