Condition of class lifted after rudder cover crack repair

Jun 23 2017

An underwater inspection revealed cracks in the welding seams of both rudder cover plates of a 144 m long tanker.

To prevent the pintle nut from corroding, the class society gave the owner a very strict deadline to have the damage repaired. Hydrex was contacted to come up with a repair plan that could be carried out very quickly and afloat in Rotterdam.

As the tanker was in ballast, the rudder could be trimmed enough to allow a repair above water. A dye check of the cracks quickly revealed that the damage of the cover plate welding seams was of such extent that replacing both plates in their entirety was the best option.

The entire operation was supervised and approved by a class surveyor and the condition of class was lifted. Hydrex team worked in shifts to finish the repair in the shortest possible time.  

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