e-Commerce travel solution for the marine industry

Jun 23 2017

Global marine travel provider, Fly Hi, an Elektrans Group Company, has gone digital by introducing a new disruptive e-commerce travel solution for the global maritime industry.

The company has launched a new e-commerce platform ‘Just One Click (JOC)’.

JOC offers a real time digital e-commerce travel booking & travel management web application.

Supported by a 50 plus IT engineering team, JOC has been developed for the past three years in close liaison with selected industry players within the global shipowning, shipmanagement, travel and crew management segment in an effort to ensure an easy-to-use e-commerce platform. 

Global travel agents face the growing challenge of relevance, maintaining standardisation, cost optimisation and procurement plus booking efficiency with clients across the globe. Taking marine travel e-commerce JOC is claimed to nullify human error and offers complex co-ordination on one unified e-platform, offering 50% more efficiency performance compared to traditional travel booking industry standards.

The global e-procurement feature of JOC offers instant access and overview of fares across 70 countries irrespective of client IP login restrictions, thus saving substantial costs on travel procurement with just one click and no additional cost involved.

JOC automates the whole process of standardised internal approvals and audits planning for clients across their offices globally in real time. As a result, it can handle and undertake live updates for any emergencies/sensitivities overriding approved travel policies of the client irrespective of the time zone and location.

Unlike the various crew tracking apps available in the market, the JOC crew communicator app facilitates (real time) communication with the crew and enhances safety of the crew or employee by allowing the sending and receiving real time messages irrespective of any location. The app tracks and communicates with the crew 24 hours prior to their travel commitments irrespective of any location on a unified platform.

Celebrating 11 years of service within the maritime travel service segment, this travel management company is licensed with IATA and accredited to ISO 9001:2015 QMS standard.  

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