Good housekeeping on board essential - American Club

Dec 01 2017

Daily maintenance and cleaning tasks are essential to supporting a safe working environment on board ships, The American Club said.

However, the importance of these simple actions can also often be overlooked.


The latest in the club’s series of Pocket Guides was recently published, entitled ‘Good Housekeeping’. It underlines how essential a well maintained and uncluttered work environment is to the health and safety of the ship’s crew and the efficient and secure operation of the vessel.


Announcing the publication of the Pocket Guide, the Club’s head of loss prevention and senior vice president, Dr William Moore, commented, “We have previously reported that the overall cleanliness and general housekeeping of ships revealed during surveys have in some cases become a cause for concern. The appearance of ships and shipboard equipment on the outside suggests how well things are operating on the inside.”


As a consequence of these observations, the Club said that it felt it was important to stress certain common-sense practices in an easily understood and convenient format. The guidelines are set out according to areas of the ship – deck, engine room, galley, stairs and ladders – as well as drawing attention to commonplace hazards – oily rags, paint lockers, acetylene cylinders. 


Each section itemises ‘what to look for’ and outlines the tasks to be carried out to minimise risk.  


In conclusion, Dr Moore emphasised, “A ship's cleanliness and neatness contribute to the health, safety and happiness of the crew. Furthermore, housekeeping oversights rarely go unnoticed during port state control or vetting inspections, ISM audits and condition surveys. A well-kept vessel is sure to make a good first impression.”


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