UK Club heads for Holland

Dec 01 2017

Following on from last week’s news concerning P&I clubs setting up offices in Ireland, The UK P&I Club has announced its intention to establish a new European subsidiary in the Netherlands.

Hugo Wynn-Williams, Thomas Miller P&I CEO, said: “Although the precise future trading relationship between the UK and the EU remains uncertain, we are putting arrangements in place that will allow the UK Club to continue to provide cover for our members regardless where their ships are registered. The Club remains committed to doing business within Europe.


“The Netherlands is, in our view the optimal jurisdiction for the Club’s European Union subsidiary, due to its convenient location with excellent transport links, its proximity to major markets, stable business environment, use of English for business, and a regulatory system which provides the best fit for our operational model.


“The new subsidiary will also be in a position to front for other Thomas Miller managed clubs affected by Brexit. As a result, this will enable costs to be shared, providing the most efficient solution to continuing operations in Europe.


“The process of establishing a subsidiary is already underway, and expected to be completed during 2018,” he explained.


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