Trelleborg unveils new dynamic mooring solution

Jul 26 2019

Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure division has launched DynaMoor, a safety focused dynamic mooring solution.

This is claimed to actively maintain constant tension in mooring lines to dampen vessel movements, eliminating the effect that passing ships and long-period waves have on moored vessels.

As a result, DynaMoor can increase port and terminal throughput by allowing operations to continue in a wider range of conditions, while improving safety and reducing operational costs.

DynaMoor dampens a vessel’s motion, which increases the range of environmental conditions in which cargo can be transferred, improving throughput. The risk of parted lines and excessive vessel excursion is significantly reduced, protecting people, assets and increasing uptime.

In addition, it enhances safety by keeping constant tension in mooring lines, minimising ‘snap back’ zones, and reduces the overall amount of wharf furniture required, simplifying day-to-day operations. The system speeds up the berthing process and minimises workload and manual line handling, improving overall efficiency.

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, said: “The marine industry is in a time of transition. With increasing vessel sizes, the stakes grow higher. Since even a small error in docking and mooring can cause significant damage or even cost lives, higher standards must be met. A demanding environment requires that users of mooring systems adapt and innovate to ensure efficient and safe solutions.

“Docking and mooring has a critical role to play in optimising the efficiency of both the berth and the overall port facility. Process refinement is key. A lean mooring philosophy aims to transform berthing strategies and enhance operations. This approach enables greater control of the operational window, optimises berth utilisation, lowers resource and space requirements, and demands less time and infrastructure investment to increase berthing capacity.”

DynaMoor combines the functionality of Trelleborg’s quick release hook with constant tension capabilities to pay in and out mooring lines, actively maintaining constant tension in mooring lines.

Used with the ship’s mooring lines and winches or able to operate independently, DynaMoor can form part of a complete jetty solution integrated with Trelleborg’s quick release hooks, AutoMoor, Smart Bollards, or be deployed as a separate system. DynaMoor units can be rail mounted for a wide range of mooring configurations and can come with an optional capstan fitted. Added safety interlocks prevent inadvertent or unauthorised release. The system also has the ability to release mooring lines remotely in an emergency and monitors loads in real time.

Trelleborg’s DynaMoor solution is SmartPort enabled and so has the ability to connect with other port assets, allowing port operators to analyse asset performance and apply data insights, to improve day-to-day decision making.


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