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Jan Feb 2021

(Feb 05 2021)

What MEPC75 means for tanker operators - IMO formally agreed requirements on shipping companies to report emissions, requirements to make an assessment scheme
OCIMF’s new human factors orientation - paper about its plans to integrate human factors into its activities – helping companies set up their workplaces so they are less likely to support human mistakes
  • Inchcape’s perspective on crew changes
  • Port+ - improving the efficiency of tanker port calls
  • BAR and Cargill - yacht technologies for wind powered tankers
  • Wärtsilä – virtual fuel flow - a modelling approach that helps to measure fuel flow without a flow meter
  • FUELSAVE – dynamic hydrogen and methanol injection to improve engine efficiency
  • Solving the commercial challenge of decarbonisation - who will pay for it, or how it will be made fair on companies which spend money on zero carbon fuels? ABB debate
  • Optimarin – UV “definitely” for medium size vessels
  • The aft peak tank – ballast water challenges
  • Hiring ship armed guards – beware race to bottom
  • Gulf of Guinea – understand changing risk patterns

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June July 2022

SIRE 2.0 - OCIMF and Columbia Ship Management perspective; seafarer mental health; EU ETS costs; 33 years after Exxon Valdez; resolving BWTS problems