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October 2022

(Oct 06 2022)

Our view on future fuels - some strong pathways are emerging while some weak options are being discussed
News from OCIMF - including work to improve its own efficiency, work to understand implications of engine power limitation
Safety alert for corroded fire extinguishers - following a seafarer death on a tanker, from the rupture of a corroded, condemned fire extinguisher
Seafarer social interaction, mental health and safety - ISWAN's study of how supporting seafarer social interaction can lead to benefits for the company,
Q2 Seafarer Happiness Survey shows improvement - COVID restrictions relaxing, so more certainty about how long people will be on board
DNV’s 2050 forecast focuses on fuel availability - choice will be driven by fuel availability and price, and both may be driven by investment costs on land
ExxonMobil's plans for shipping - supply of lower carbon fuels (mainly bio and blue) and digital analytics on condition data about cylinder lube oils
Becker Marine developing ‘dagger boards’ - stabilise ships with wind propulsion.
Assessent of operational risk of future fuels - methanol was found safer than LNG or hydrogen; ammonia had more risks, but they could be mitigated
Considering nuclear power for shipping - it is used onboard 100 naval vessels today and zero emission
Rolls Royce focussing on methanol - part of a range of projects to help reduce its customers’ carbon emissions
 ClassNK and liquid hydrogen and CO2 carriers - it sees as one of the most promising areas for maritime innovation
Developments at Alfa Laval - Hansa Tankers using its ‘StormGeo’ routing and CII software, acquisition of BunkerMetric, tools to ensure ballast compliance
Waste management through an international broker - rather than you having to form relationships with individual providers.
WinGD's digital tools to assist crew in operating engines - providing diagnostic advice supported by remote experts
RWO’s oily water separator for large vessels - where the pump is a separate unit
AIS 2.0 with more data capacity - could communicate SAR data, ice data, your specific route
Lubmarine - why today’s high performance engines and low sulphur fuels need a different approach to lubricants including with more onboard testing
Shooting out a towing line by rocket - a concept for being able to connect a stricken vessel to a tug, even if there are no people onboard
Tanker waste heat recovery system - Donsötank has installed a system on two new product tankers
New design for supporting the propeller shaft - avoiding the stern tube with oil lubricated bearings

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