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Nov-Dec 2022

(Dec 05 2022)

Acid accident investigation - a seafarer suffered 9 percent body burns due to a spray of sulphuric acid, when a cargo line containing acid was being cleared out by compressed air
OCIMF news - becoming a more agile organisation, safety of onshore power, supporting West and Central Africa, vessel hardening
OTG and behavioural competency - e-learning for senior seafarers and office staff on how to assess behavioural competency of ship crew, a complex, perhaps unsettling, but very important concept
Mariner Skills and ‘true e-learning’ - seeking to re-define what ‘true e-learning’ means in the maritime sector, with numerous short courses or ‘modules’ which a motivated learner can work through
Vikand's asset management’ approach to crew - why do we take an ‘asset management’ approach to our equipment, but with crew it is 'fix it when it breaks'?
Gibraltar maritime developments - possible LNG bunkering expansion, collision with a bulk carrier and LNG tanker, expansion at Sandvik Electronics
What can bio-LNG do for shipping - promise of a nearly zero emission fuel which can immediately replace LNG fuel. A new study looked at how much might be available for shipping
Waterfront Shipping and methanol - 18 tankers using methanol as fuel, part of their fleet of 30 tankers for carrying methanol as cargo
Tanker coatings news - a way to calculate a revised ‘reference speed’ for a coating; creating a standard for hull cleaning; contracts and approvals for MarineLINE
Ballast water treatment technology news - treat ballast actually in the tank; growth in ‘ballast water treatment as a service’; inspecting a full ballast tank with robots
BWTS fuel consumption - making sure it does not have too much impact on your CII score
How Marine Shaft fixed a damaged chemical tanker propeller - a new shaft coupling and laser metal deposition
EPE's cloud management tool for hazardous materials - manage and monitor the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) onboard a ship

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Oct-December 2023

Exploding batteries - evidence of crew qualifications - refusing bribes - perspectives on decarbonisation and methanol