OCIMF introduces updated mooring guidelines

Mar 08 2019

OCIMF has published the fourth edition of ‘Effective Mooring’.

Written for crew on board oil tankers, barges and terminals, it gives a general introduction to mooring and guidance on how seafarers can stay safe during mooring operations.


Mooring is one of the most complex and dangerous operations for ship and terminal crew. If something goes wrong, the consequences can be severe.


With the release of this fourth edition, OCIMF hopes to go even further to improving safety for everyone involved in mooring operations.


Director Rob Drysdale explained. “Most books about mooring design and operation are highly technical and not appropriate for the people actually doing the mooring operations to use. It is important to give everyone involved in mooring operations straightforward and easy-to-understand guidance so that they can complete their work as safely as possible.


‘Effective Mooring’ is written for crew on board oil tankers, barges and in oil terminals, but the principles can be applied to any vessel. Indeed, feedback from industry tells us that the book is also used by crews on vessels other than oil tankers.


“While it is a useful reference for day-to-day operations, the book can also be used as a training guide for both new and experienced crews,” he said.


This fourth edition is aligned with the guidance in OCIMF’s ‘Mooring Equipment Guidelines, Fourth Edition (MEG4)’, which contains more detailed technical information on the design and maintenance of mooring systems.


New guidelines in the latest edition include -

•             Emphasis on the whole mooring crew being responsible for safety.

•             Removed guidance on marking snap-back zones: the whole mooring deck is a hazardous area.

•             More guidance on barges.

•             Simplified language and more cartoons, to make it easier to read.

•             Addresses human factors, eg communications, fatigue, situational awareness, etc.


‘Effective Mooring, Fourth Edition’ is available at £25 from Witherby Publishing at https://www.witherbyseamanship.com/effective-mooring-fourth-edition.html


Information about the book and a video to accompany the release can be found at www.ocimf.org/effectivemooring



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