The U.S. brings state-sponsored piracy into the 21st century

Aug 20 2020

America seizing cargoes from oil tankers conjures images of British privateers attacking Spanish treasure fleets in the late 1500s.



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Greek tanker attacked and boarded again in less than 24 hours 125 SWS of Bonny Nigeria

(Dec 10 2020)

It looks like tanker NEW RANGER was attacked and boarded again, on December 6th 2020, some 125 SWS of Bonny Nigeria.

Piracy attacks on oil facilities and vessels: An issue the U.S. could soon face

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Piracy, one of the world’s oldest professions, seems to be thriving.

Greek tanker attacked in the Gulf of Guinea losing four crew

(Dec 03 2020)

Pirates kidnapped 4 crew from Product tanker AGISILAOS, including Filipino, Romanian and Russian nationalities, and fled.

Attack on tanker southwest of South Bayelsa State thwarted by guards

(Dec 03 2020)

A tanker approached by pirates on December 2, 2020 in the Gulf of Guinea coast was thwarted by armed guards on board.

Mounting piracy off Gulf of Guinea unsettles tanker owners

(Nov 19 2020)

The waters of the Gulf of Guinea off West Africa have seen piracy rise sharply in recent months, prompting oil tanker owners to rethink their options on a key transit route.

Nov-Dec 2020

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