d’Amico International Shipping Q2 results

Aug 10 2021

The Board of Directors of d’Amico International Shipping S.A. (Borsa Italiana: “DIS”) (hereinafter : “the Company”, “d’Amico International Shipping” or the “Group”), a leading international marine transportation company operating in the product tanker market, examined and approved the Company's half-year and second quarter 2021 consolidated financial results.


•  Time charter equivalent earnings (TCE) of US$ 88.9 million (US$ 150.1 million in H1’20)

•   Gross operating profit/EBITDA of US$ 33.1 million (37.1% on TCE) (US$ 79.5 million in H1’20)

•   Net result of US$ (15.2) million (US$ 17.1 million in H1’20)

•   Cash flow from operating activities of US$ 18.5 million (US$ 59.1 million in H1’20)

•   Net debt of US$ 545.9 million (US$ 453.2 million excluding IFRS16) as at 30 June 2021 (US$ 561.5 million and US$ 465.2 million excluding IFRS 16, as at 31 December 2020)



•   Time charter equivalent earnings (TCE) of US$ 46.1 million (US$ 78.7 million in Q2’20)

•   Gross operating profit/EBITDA of US$ 18.9 million (US$ 46.5 million in Q2’20)

•   Net result of US$ (5.4) million (US$ 15.6 million in Q2’20)

•   Cash flow from operating activities of US$ 11.9 million (US$ 33.4 million in Q2’20)


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Aug-Sept 2021

Sea Cargo Charter - ship recycling - CO2 from tank cleaning - fixing damaged propeller blades