Improved fleet management software from BASS

Mar 31 2014

Leading shipping management software house BASS has launched the patented BASSnet 2.9 fleet management system.

In this latest offering, BASSnet 2.9 features new modules such as environmental management, port forms management and Excel forms management.

In the era where messaging tools are fast increasing in popularity, the 2.9 release also features a ‘My Discussions’ feature, which allows users to a create topics of discussions in a ‘chat-room’ style environment regarding specific records in the system.

A new ‘Maintenance Cost’ feature covers all bases in the maintenance module. With this feature, users can quickly generate either the ‘forecast’ or ‘actual’ maintenance cost incurred for jobs, material and/or resource BASS claimed.

To help ensure compliance with the ever-changing guidelines related to crew safety, BASSnet 2.9’s work & rest hours module has now been enhanced to ensure compliance with the OPA90 regulation.

Built on the Microsoft .NET platform, BASSnet environmental management software module was designed to help reduce a vessel’s negative impact on the environment.

Users can track all information pertaining to the calculations for environmental emissions based on date ranges and voyage legs. This data can then be used for comparison and for generating environmental impact trends.

Port operations have become complex and now involves a lot of administrative work, which is ultimately time consuming. With this in mind, BASS developed the new port form management module, which contains a list of country-specific port forms for pre-arrival clearance to be tendered to the immigration, customs, health and security authorities at a port and for statutory bodies, such as the IMO.

This software can integrate with other BASSnet™ modules to ensure that all the forms have the relevant data that is required for reporting. The relevant port-specific forms can be easily printed and the system can also store and print non-port related forms such as those related to the environment, class, regulatory, etc. The module also contains company-specific forms.

“BASS is foreseeing the future technology in reducing paperwork involved in order to create a green environment. We are pleased to introduce our solution to meet the imminent needs,” said BASS’ CEO, Per Steinar Upsaker. “BASS prides itself in creating and designing tools to generally simplify the work-load of the average user while maintaining a paperless workplace.

“With the new Excel forms management feature, users can now create as many forms as they require using Microsoft Excel. These forms can then be linked to various records in the system, for instance, link a form to a job order in the maintenance module and users can access and fill them up during the reporting process. The values entered in the form will then be captured and stored as a record in the BASSnet documents’ record manager,” he said. 

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