Hyde GUARDIAN-US™ ballast water treatment system has been submitted for USCG Type Approval

Jan 23 2020

The Hyde GUARDIAN-US (Universal Service) has successfully completed all of the requirements of the Independent Laboratory and now is under review by the U.S. Coast Guard for Type Approval under 46CFR162.060.

Hyde Marine, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Calgon Carbon Corporation, has announced that they have successfully submitted their application for U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Type Approval of the Hyde GUARDIAN-US product in accordance with the requirements of 46 CFR 162.060-14.  This milestone represents the final step before the USCG’s final determination and indicates that the Independent Laboratory has accepted all testing and has recommended that the system meets the requirements for discharging ballast within the waters of the United States.


Testing of the system was conducted in challenging ‘sweet’ fresh water with less than 1 psu, with water down to a UVT level in the 40’s, and with the minimal holding times able to be processed by the test facility during the test cycles.  The system was also proven to have no potential for regrowth in the ballast tanks as many tests were conducted with extended hold times.


Hyde Marine is one of the world’s most successful ballast water treatment (BWT) technology companies with more than 500 of its ballast water treatment systems sold to date. The Hyde GUARDIAN-US BWTS uses space efficient filtration and ultraviolet disinfection to treat ships' ballast water to prevent the spread of invasive species from port to port. The design of the system closely mirrors the existing Hyde GUARDIAN-Gold product, and customers can easily upgrade their existing equipment to meet the new treatment standard.


“Hyde Marine is very pleased to have completed this process,” said Chris Todd, Executive Director of Calgon Carbon UV Technologies. “During shipboard testing, we used one of our first customers as an upgrade platform to prove we could retrofit one of our earliest systems to our newest product.  Our test plans proved a strenuous test of our system’s functionality, conclusively proving our ability to modulate flow to ensure proper dose, and demonstrating the effectiveness of our industry-exclusive Treatment Alarm.”


The Hyde GUARDIAN-US BTWS was tested with water containing organism counts far exceeding IMO and USCG requirements and was tested with the most demanding water conditions to challenge the limits of system performance.  “We are confident that our system can perform to the expectations of our clients anywhere their vessels may go,” said Todd.


Hyde Marine’s new system features full, automatic flow regulation to ensure that as water quality changes, the system manages the entire treatment process to achieve compliance. Hyde Marine has also developed and tested an exclusive alarm which provides crews an indication that the system may be operating outside of the as-tested boundaries.  This alarm allows crews to initiate contingency measures for potentially non-compliant water before arriving at the discharge port.  This ensures that deballasting and cargo loading are not impacted.


“Hyde Marine has developed a ballast water treatment system that will change how people see our industry,” says Jim Coccagno, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Calgon Carbon, and President of Calgon Carbon UV Technologies. “Finally, a ship owner will know whether or not his treatment system is working – no matter where the ship is operating and what the water quality is. And, it is a system that anyone can easily use.”


Hyde Marine will now await the results of the U.S. Coast Guard’s review.


 Visit www.hydemarine.com for more information.


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