Gulf of Guinea attacks continue

(May 01 2014)

For the past 18 months, the once prevalent threat of pirate attack around the Horn of Africa has almost diminished.*

Fight piracy – intelligently!

(Apr 01 2014)

The face of global piracy is constantly changing. E-Navigation technology offers a proactive complement to armed guards, by providing information that can prevent a confrontation. But what kind of information is actually required?*

Safeguarding Seafarers worldwide

(Apr 01 2014)

Piracy and armed robbery is one of the foremost threats facing the international shipping community today with over 2,700 seafarers attacked last year alone.

On board training is set for growth

(Apr 01 2014)

On board training has been around for several years, but has this method increased in recent times with the advent of more sophisticated communications packages? Tanker Operator spoke with Seagull’s managing director Roger Ringstad to gain his views ...

Criminal gangs operating widely in the Gulf of Guinea

(Mar 03 2014)

Most attacks in West African waters are part of a long running criminal programme of cargo theft, or kidnapping and ransom inside territorial waters and not piracy said maritime security company GoAGT.

BIMCO points out inadequacies in security issues

(Jan 01 2014)

Shipping continues to be exposed to many security threats, including contraband, people and weapons smuggling, narcotics, terrorist attacks and piracy.

Non-lethal anti-piracy system developed

(Nov 01 2013)

Maritime security systems company WatchStander has developed a system designed to prevent unwanted individuals, or groups, from boarding ships.

SAMI looks to the future

(Oct 01 2013)

It appears the maritime security industry and armed guards have become completely synonymous.*

Trouble in Suez? What if...?

(Oct 01 2013)

Following the heightened tensions in the Sinai region and the recent terrorist attack on the Cosco Asia while transiting the Suez Canal, it is thought that some 80,000 Egyptian troops have been deployed to ensure that security remains tight and trans...

West African responses needed

(Oct 01 2013)

Pirate advances in the Gulf of Guinea have sparked a growing debate on both the weaknesses of many (but surely not all) government responses in West Africa.*

Enclosed space entry - a deadly serious issue

(Oct 01 2013)

"Preventing deaths in enclosed spaces is a serious issue. It is a deadly serious issue, and one which the marine industry has to come to grips with," said David Patraiko The Nautical Institute's director of projects.

Operational and management problems highlighted

(Oct 01 2013)

During Tanker Operator's Hamburg conference last month, there was a lively debate encompassing the theme of the human element and the art of leadership and management.

WSS expands in Antwerp

(Oct 01 2013)

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has opened a new FRS (fire, rescue & service) centre and safety training academy in Antwerp, Belgium.

IMB warns of West African kidnappings

(Aug 01 2013)

While Somali piracy has fallen to its lowest levels since 2006, attention has been focused off the coast of West Africa.

PMSCs to be certified to new standard

(Aug 01 2013)

The independent United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is undertaking two pilot assessment programmes for accreditation of private security companies operating outside the UK, on land and at sea.


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