Are Eco ships all that they are cracked up to be?

(Dec 01 2013)

Euronav has claimed that it had demonstrated that by installing a Becker Marine Mewis Duct, savings of between 10% on a VLCC to 7% on a Suezmax can be achieved.

VLCCs - ready for the scrapyard at 15?

(Oct 17 2013)

Large tanker owners have been troubled for some time by a lingering black cloud hanging over the spot market.

Saudi set to become major product exporter

(Oct 01 2013)

There are several reasons offered up for the firming of earnings in the product carrier market.

SSA backs local initiatives

(Oct 01 2013)

Patrick Phoon, president of the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), shared his views on several major issues with Tanker Operator.

US tanker trades picking up - VLCCs in a mess

(Aug 31 2013)

In this report, Tanker Operator looks at the US and VLCC fundamentals courtesy of McQuilling Services.

Is it just a matter of confidence?

(Jun 30 2013)

Recently, we have heard John Fredriksen state that freight rates will not recover for a couple of years, others are less pessimistic saying a recovery could happen next year.

The bumpy road to recovery

(May 01 2013)

Most of the action and indeed the rhetoric coming out of analysts and owners/operators, is centred around the product tanker sector, despite positive noises from the VLCC segment during May, which was expected to be short lived.

Bankers to assert greater control over shipping companies

(Jan 31 2013)

Banks will take a firmer grip on shipping this year while vessel values will fall, a leading consultancy said.

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