Beyond the ships at sea

Jun 18 2020

A decade ago, we set out to shed light on what’s really happening at sea; A daring mission to harness cutting edge technologies and provide an innovative look at maritime data, with the goal of creating a paradigm shift in understanding, analyzing and providing insights into behaviors at sea.

Today, we are proud to share the news that bp, one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies, has selected Windward’s technology as part of their quest to digitize maritime trade. Aside from being both proud and humbled, this brings into focus the significant developments we have seen – and continue to see – in the maritime ecosystem. This reflects years of research, innovation, and collaboration, to bring one of the earliest industries in the world – shipping – to the forefront of new digital technologies.


The accelerating pace of adoption provides a new sense of clarity regarding what digitization can bring to the maritime domain. But this isn’t solely about technology. It is about empowering the wider ecosystem towards enhanced awareness of the business and supply chain, providing foresight into emerging risks, trends, and developments on the horizon. 


These past few months have cemented my belief in the importance of fortifying maritime safety, security, and efficiency. In turn, this raises a deeper question: what is the maritime domain? To me, it goes far beyond the ships at sea. The maritime domain is integrated into the very fabric of global trade, weaving together the supply chain across the globe. 


Behind these developments, and the achievements of Windward, are an exceptional group of professionals, past and current, at the cutting edge of maritime expertise, business understanding, and data sciences. These vastly different but equally passionate teams have created the solutions which will enhance the industry for years to come.


I am excited to see what the next decade will bring. Anchors aweigh.

Ami Daniel, Windward CEO. 


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