Low sulphur debate rages on

(Apr 01 2014)

At the recent IPTA/Navigate Chemical/Product Tanker conference, there were several papers given on the theme of future fuels ahead of the 0.1% sulphur ECA challenge in 2015 and the 0.5% global cap due to be introduced in 2020, or 2025.

IBIA calls for ISO adoption

(Feb 21 2014)

In a bid to improve bunker quality across the marine fuel supply chain, the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) has called on marine fuel suppliers to adopt the ISO 2010 specifications for bunkers.

NORDEN opts for new engines

(Jan 01 2014)

Explaining the reason for fitting the new engine, the Danish tanker owner said that its goal was to offer vessels with considerable lower fuel consumptions than comparable product tankers.

Fuel conditioning challenges answered

(Jan 01 2014)

Much has changed since Alfa Laval launched its fuel conditioning module (FCM) in 2001.*

PSM introduces replacement mechanical float level switches

(Nov 30 2013)

PSM Instrumentation’s range of mechanical marine float level switches are among the most widely used, level products in marine tank level measurement and pump control, the company claimed.

Hempel introduces new hull coating concept

(Oct 23 2013)

Global coatings supplier Hempel has launched the patented HEMPAGUARD, a new hull coating concept for the marine industry.

PSM offers one-shop-shop approach

(Oct 23 2013)

Whatever the type, or size of vessel, PSM now offers a one-stop-shop for tank gauging solutions.

Cargo heating management takes off

(Aug 31 2013)

Indian-based Blue Water Trade Winds is a leading ship efficiency solutions provider, particularly playing a crucial role in saving exhaustible fuel and reducing the carbon footprint, for some of the world’s largest shipowners.*

Vessel optimisation tool upgraded

(Aug 31 2013)

Eniram has launched EVP4 – the next generation vessel platform software, spearheading new advances in optimising vessel operations to save fuel.

Monitoring the tank

(Jun 30 2013)

Honeywell Marine offers a one-stop-shop approach to owners and/or yards for all liquid cargoes, ballast and service needs and claims to be the only single-source supplier for both portable and fixed tank gauging.

MAN accepts ABB high-pressure tuning

(May 17 2013)

ABB Turbocharging’s high-pressure tuning (HPT) was added to MA Diesel & Turbo’s two-stroke engine tuning options at the end of March 2013.

Fuel management system unveiled

(Apr 11 2013)

US-based W&O Engineered Solutions has introduced FuelProof, which is claimed to be an advanced purpose-built vessel fuel accountability and management system.

Maersk’s search for alternative fuels

(Apr 10 2013)

Shipping has not thus far benefited from the research and development that has turned biomass into one of the world’s most important sources of renewable energy.

High performance coatings for tanker operators

(Jan 31 2013)

Recent years have seen tanker owners continue the trend of specifying silyl acrylate antifouling coatings that are designed to deliver high performance and long service life together with measurable improvements in fuel efficiency.

Mechanical float level switch range extended

(Jan 31 2013)

PSM Instrumentation’s comprehensive range of mechanical marine float level switches has now been extended to include replacement solutions for Mobrey products that fail in service.


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